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Starting a revolution in your own life is as simple as carrying through with a few good decisions. You know which ones I mean: the decisions that make you super excited!

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Dream Roomspiration: Starry Eyed Surprise - Stars & the Nights Sky

Barbie loves to stargaze. Now dolls and Kens she gets that you love to watch the nights sky too, but Barbie prefers her own secret magical hideaways and thinks you ought to hold on to yours too! No one likes to find a strip mall in their outdoor retreat! Well what happens when you have to leave the nights sky full of stars behind and head back into the city? You take it with you! How? Use stars & the nights sky in your decor!

-Ceilings & Lighting

Would you use Stars and the Nights Sky for decorating inspiration?

Barbie Would!

Enjoy! Kisses, m

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

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